Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why I Do What I Do

I have been asked many times why I do what I do. It's because I like people. I believe that everyone deserves their fair share of justice.
Many times people come to me for help with a problem that no one else wants to hear about. They have gone to the police or other state agency with no response at all. They want someone to
listen to them. They feel like a number with no hope of response to their problem.
I often compare investigators to a mixed drink. Here's the recipe:

One part Psychologist
One part Business Person
One part Paralegal with a sprinkling of experience.
One part Sixth Sense (no not the movie)

I do my best to help everyone that comes to me no matter who they are. Life isn't easy I just help people along when I can. I have rules that I do business by here they are:

Nothing is ever easy.

I don't make promises that I can't keep.

Never lie to the client.

I don't waste my time or your money.

If you follow these rules you will avoid a lot of aggravation. I usually give someone the benefit of the doubt up to a certain point. Most people have something to hide or are holding something back. This doesn't mean that they are lying it could also be that they are embarrassed about their choices in life and feel that they will not get any help or be believed.

It's not easy to judge sometimes whether or not someone is genuine. Some people are pathological liars and they can fool anybody. Anyway this is just part of what it's like to be in a spot where you have to be objective without being emotional. That is another pitfall of being an investigator.

That said my personal life has played an important part in my profession. My experiences in life
led me to this path whether or not I wanted things to be this way. Everybody does what they do for a reason. Getting to the bottom of things is in my nature. I like what I do because maybe one day I can say that I made a positive difference in someones life.