Saturday, December 15, 2012

An American Tragedy

As I write this, I am very disheartened to hear about another mass shooting. Children do not deserve to be victims of violence. Right now people are outraged as well they should be, I even more than others. As a life member of the NRA I abhor violence and criminal acts. The person who did this left warning signs to everyone around him if they had paid attention.
I work in a business where guns are a job requirement. Therefore I pay great attention to how people act in the workplace. Anyone can be in a bad situation at any given time. You can't blame an inanimate object for the actions of a person. If an individual is motivated enough they will find a way to hurt others.
A local Connecticut store doing their job by following the law kept the shooter from purchasing a gun. Sadly however the shooter stole guns from a family member who was killed in the process.

My condolences are with the families of all who were killed and injured. We all need to pay attention to those around us and how they act. We don't need to be paranoid but we need to be aware and be kinder to one another.
God Bless and Take Care

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